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Custom Status and Status Tokens-Publishing presence with UCMA 2.0

Publishing presence for a user in OCS is a reasonably common thing to do with an application endpoint, but most of the samples that I found online were restricted to setting the user’s availability.  This is usually one of the … Continue reading

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Screen pop and the Dynamics CRM Agent control panel-why don’t contacts always pop correctly?

We had a demo a little while ago with the agent control panel for Dynamics CRM, and aside from getting the panel to install correctly, we found that no matter what we did, it was impossible to get a CRM … Continue reading

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Windows 7 and Windows Virtual PC-how to use transparent applications to run 2 things at once

Here’s a scenario that I run into all the time.  I’m using Office Communicator as my primary communications tool, so I need to keep it running all the time to get voice and IM through.  I also do development on … Continue reading

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Why a blog?

Really, why not.  I kept running into things where I’d think that “hey, if I had a blog, I’d probably post something about that”.  I’ve found enough useful information from other blogs that I figured why not-it’s free.  I can’t … Continue reading

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