Troubleshooting the Lync Mobile Client

Last night, I noticed that Lync wasn’t able to sign in on my phone for some reason, while it was working fine earlier.  What’s interesting is that I’d seen earlier in the day that under the settings there was a Diagnostic Logging option, similar to what exists on the desktop client.  I’d turned it on already (after all, who doesn’t like diagnostics), but I hadn’t figured out how it actually saved/sent logs yet.  As it turns out, if you go to the about page, there’s a “Send Diagnostic Logs” button.  I’d seen this kind of thing before on the tanjay phones, and that created an etl file that got put on a sharepoint server, so I expected something similarly convoluted here.  Instead, I got instructions about an image. 

As it turns out, the client team takes all the logging information and embeds it into a jpeg.  When you send logs, it asks you to attach an image to an email that looks like this:


Once you get the email, save the image, change the extension to .log, open it in a text editor, and you’ll see the logging information right below the binary image data.  As it turns out, the problem was a 500 getting returned from the mobility web service (which an iisreset solved), but the key here was figuring out how to get the logs out of the mobile client.  I’m not sure how end users are going to cope with attaching images to emails or even enabling logging (it’s disabled by default), but it’s great that the feature exists for admins, and it’s actually kind of an ingenious way to get log data off a mobile client. 

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