WMAFileSource may have a few more tricks up its sleeve

The Microsoft.Rtc.Collaboration.AudioVideo.WmaFileSource class gets used all over most UCMA apps to play audio files, and from the name it’s pretty clear what it’s intended to do.  Of course, most of the time if you’re playing something like recorded IVR prompts, the odds that those will be recorded directly into WMA are reasonably low, so you’ll need to search for a converter, modify the files, and use them in your project.  The intent appears to be that if you want to play a different format (e.g. wav or mp3), you could create a new MediaSource derived class and go from there.  As it turns out though, that might not be entirely necessary.

I had a tester who wanted to try an mp3 file in a UCMA app, and instead of converting it, just changed the extension to .wma, and it played.  We modified the code to allow you to pass files with the .mp3 and .wav extensions to the application, and that worked too.  Maybe the class isn’t quite so WMA specific after all? 

My suspicion here (and I’m still waiting to find out from the product team that this is the case), is that the WmaFileSource class simply passes the filename to the Windows Media runtime and streams the audio out, so in theory anything that you can open in media player will work like this.  I only tested mp3 and wav in addition to wma though, and both of those seemed to work normally, and would likely cover a wide range of what you might run into that someone would want to drop into your app.  Has anyone else tried passing other formats to this class to see what happens? 

Anyway, something to try if you run into a situation where you just don’t feel like converting a media file from mp3 to wma. 

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