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UCMA patches are important, even if the descriptions are vague

This is sort of a follow up to a post from earlier this month on impersonation, and how you can get UCMA to insert the referred-by header into an INVITE.  I was working on an application that used this technique, … Continue reading

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Routing calls from Lync to a UCMA app via the PSTN-avoiding the 485:Ambiguous error

This case may be a little esoteric, but I ran into it this morning, and it caused me some grief.  I have a Lync deployment that uses extensions instead of DIDs, which means that every user has a line URI … Continue reading

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Identity Manipulation in UCMA-getting Impersonation to work through a mediation server

There’s a UCMA method on the Microsoft.RTC.Collaboration.Conversation class called Impersonate that lets you place an outbound call as if you were a different user.  You provide the method with a SIP URI, phone URI, and Display Name, and usually it … Continue reading

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