Lync 2013 RTM and Diagnostics-the disappearing OCSLogger

The RTM version of Lync 2013 has been available for a while now, but one of the things that you might notice when you come to it from 2010 is that the logging tool (OCSLogger.exe) is not installed on the system.  I know if was there in Beta, so I didn’t think they’d axed it, and luckily I did manage to find this download link for the tracing tools.  Not only does this contain the OCSLogger.exe, but also the snooper download from the resource kit. 

As for what to expect, the tools work pretty much the same as before, with snooper actually performing much faster than it did in the past.  This tool is absolutely essential for troubleshooting Lync issues, since there’s often more information in a trace than in the UCMA exceptions.  This is also true for app servers-you can run OCSLogger on a UCMA server and get traces to that machine from SIPStack and S4 (which actually stands for Simple Scalable SIP Stack) to troubleshoot there as well.

Anyway, just a quick post in case anyone else runs into the same issue.  No, OCSLogger hasn’t disappeared yet-it’s just better hidden.  Something else to add to the TODO list when installing a new Lync server or app server I suppose.

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