Moving from SFB online to Teams-fix outbound calling appearing for TeamsOnly users

This was another gotcha as part of the move from SFB online to Teams, and it only happened once (so far), but it’s another reason why moving users via Islands might be the way to go.  This was the scenario: a user was in SfbWithTeamsCollab, and moved to TeamsOnly.  After a couple of days in this scenario (just to make sure that it wasn’t timing-related), they could chat, and they could receive calls, but not make any calls.  Again, we tried the usual signing in via an incognito browser, cache clear, sign out and back in, reboot, and the other standard troubleshooting steps, but despite being enabled for everything they should be enabled for, they couldn’t make outbound PSTN calls.

The end result was really the server-side equivalent of rebooting, which was to run:

  • Set-CsUser $id –EnterpriseVoiceEnabled $false
  • wait 10 minutes…
  • Set-CsUser $id –EnterpriseVoiceEnabled $true

Which magically fixed things.  Having to wait for replication (and not being able to check replication status like in SFB) takes some patience, but eventually calling started working as expected. 

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