Migrating from Microsoft.bot.teams preview to Microsoft.bot.builder 4.6

Let’s say, for example, that you were building a Teams bot over the summer, and wanted to use all of the latest bot framework 4 stuff.  There were a lot of beta/prerelease versions out there, that have since all been cleaned up into Microsoft.bot.builder 4.6.  The good news is that this should simplify everything, but the bad news is that there are a couple of (as yet undocumented) breaking changes in the update. 

Once you remove the Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Teams package and add Microsoft.Bot.Builder (4.6.3 as of today), you’ll probably get a couple of build errors.  Here’s what I found and how I fixed them:

  • In ConfigureServices, there was a call to services.AddBot<T>, and one of the required options was adding a new TeamsMiddleware object.  This doesn’t seem to be required anymore, so just take it out.
  • The ITeamsContext doesn’t seem to exist anymore, which you were able to get on a dialog turn with “var teamsContext = turnContext.TurnState.Get<ITeamsContext>();”.  I was mainly using this to get the channel ID of a message in a dialog turn, which now appears to be embedded in the channelData as JSON.  There doesn’t appear to be a method to serialize this, but you can just extract it from the json manually like this:

private static string GetChannelID(object channelData)
         //if the channelData contains a channel ID, return it, otherwise null
         if (!(channelData is JObject))
             return null;
         JObject j = (JObject)channelData;
         if (j.TryGetValue(“channel”, out var channel))
             return channel[“id”].ToString();
         return null;
     catch (Exception ex)
         _log.Error($”Exception parsing channel data {channelData} “, ex);       
     return null;

  • The constructors for some responses have changed, so where before you’d have something like:
  • var resp = new TaskModuleContinueResponse(“continue”);

    you now have:

    var resp = new TaskModuleContinueResponse();
    resp.Type = “continue”;

  • The ToAttachment extension on adaptive cards seems to have been taken out, which was handy for dynamically defining cards for task modules.  Fortunately, the source is still on github, so it’s pretty easy to grab it and define your own copy of that method if you’re using it already:

public static partial class CardExtensions
     public static Attachment ToAttachment(this AdaptiveCards.AdaptiveCard card)
         return new Attachment
             Content = card,
             ContentType = AdaptiveCards.AdaptiveCard.ContentType,

That’s about all I found that was broken, and otherwise everything seemed to work in the bot after the update.  There might be other things in the SDK now that would be better practice, but I’ll have to dig into that a little more later.  For now, I can at least get all the prerelease stuff out of the project. 

It’s great to see Teams as a first class bot citizen now-looking forward to what’s next!

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