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UCMA Startup errors-when everything else doesn’t work, check the hosts file…

This was a fun round of troubleshooting.  One of our developers needed to debug a UCMA application that we’ve run on dozens of other servers.  He went through the steps to provision the app, just as we had everywhere else, … Continue reading

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Building a standalone Lync server, or, how to write UCMA applications on a plane

One of the difficult things about writing applications using UCMA is the fact that you need to connect to Lync in order to run or debug any of your code.  In fact, since you can’t connect UCMA applications through the … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting the Lync Mobile Client

Last night, I noticed that Lync wasn’t able to sign in on my phone for some reason, while it was working fine earlier.  What’s interesting is that I’d seen earlier in the day that under the settings there was a … Continue reading

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Deploying the Lync Mobility service

Last week, the bits for the Lync mobility service were released, and yesterday the Windows Phone client went live in the marketplace.  The official documentation that comes along with the download is pretty good in this case, and there are … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting UCMA applications-Lync, DNS entries, and failed calls

One of the most frustrating things that you can run into when working with UCMA is starting your application, placing a call (or IM) to it, and having that call fail.  As far as your code is concerned, everything is … Continue reading

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Binding customization and throttles-Load testing a PollingDuplexHttp WCF service-Part 2

Part 1 of this entry already covered a load testing app for a service, and in this part I’m looking at some of the binding problems I found when I started hammering the service with it. I’d already run into … Continue reading

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Load testing a PollingDuplexHttp WCF service-Part 1

One of the challenges of writing services that are designed to be consumed by hundreds (or thousands) of clients at once is testing under any sort of load.  Sure, you can test every method to see how it responds one … Continue reading

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