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Binding customization and throttles-Load testing a PollingDuplexHttp WCF service-Part 2

Part 1 of this entry already covered a load testing app for a service, and in this part I’m looking at some of the binding problems I found when I started hammering the service with it. I’d already run into … Continue reading

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Load testing a PollingDuplexHttp WCF service-Part 1

One of the challenges of writing services that are designed to be consumed by hundreds (or thousands) of clients at once is testing under any sort of load.  Sure, you can test every method to see how it responds one … Continue reading

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WCF PollingDuplexHttp Services, Silverlight, and the task parallel library-lessons learned

The PollingDuplexHttp binding has been in the Silverlight SDK for a while now, and it’s a great way to have a service that can send messages to a client.  While Silverlight does support sockets and net.tcp, the restriction to ports … Continue reading

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